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π∂Ω∞√···· In this section, the question is to observe the pieces under the prism of the physics principles which rule nature. The subject is neither to explain nor to give the keys, but to show how  the curious and amused look of the artist questions the world around him.

Photos: Laure Mélone.


Principle 1: The light runs in straight line in the vacuum silence.

Principle 2 : Under the attraction field of meetings, the straight line is becoming a curve.


The puley makes the things workables by the actions of giving and receiving the rope, without gaining nothing for itself. In my lightings, the puley makes possible the dialog between the subtle (the light) and the terrestrial (the mass). This idea can be find in the Dogons (from Mali) theology. In their comogony, the universe is a loom which ties the threads to create the word. The puley, by its central place into the loom,  is thus associated to the vocals cords, which transform the “rough” air from the lungs in “subtly vibrating” air to give birth to the word and the singing.


A journey among the few numbers (physics constants) which rule the balance between the universe forces.

What would be “our” world if these constants were slighty different? Would we be here to watch at the sky?