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From science to art

# As a child curious with the world aroud him, Jerome Pereira starts first physics and geophysics studies. Later, feeling a little tight with the scientific rigour, he will prefer the poetic sensibility tool et will skip the laboratory for the studio and the nature walks to search for materials.

His work questions balance, inspirated by nature forces. His sculptures relate the state of grace between tension and fall.


Jérôme Pereira creates lighting sculptures with a rough and gracious presence. Coming from a scientific background, his sculptures, as equations, propose a familiar vocabulary (bows, puleys, rings, cubes, counterweignts) opening to an unknown factor. A catalog of shapes with a surrealist consonance leading to a playful combinaison of tension and equilibrium.

Today, his work comes into shape of exclusive and unique pieces, small edition or bespoke. He is collaborating with the artist Sylvia Eustache Rools on the Awaré project.

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. Albert Einstein.

Made by hand

I make all my pieces in my studio.

They are the outcome of daydreams, sketchs, intuitions. The wood I have in my studio, its shape or tension could show me a way. Sometime, as with the Puleys, it is a principle which inspires me.

Hand working is very important for me. Adding an object to the world (already full!) is a big responsability. Its sounds me crucial that its making process should be in adequation with a way of being, which as by the time become a way of life.

My pieces give me the opportunity to pursue an aesthetic and human quest. My dearest wish would be they bring you peace and well being, creating at home a space open to contemplation and day dream.