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• e-mail: jerome.pereira2@sfr.fr
• phone: 00 33 (0)676 490 670
• studio : 04200 Les Omergues, France
• Represented by Galerie Philia.


1- Are the pieces made by hand in your studio?

All the lightings and sculptures are created by myself in my studio. Far from mass production, my work is in line with « slow design » current. For the glass bubbles, I collaborate with a glass blower. We work together following my sketches.

2- Do you make uniques pieces?

With my way of working, two pieces will never be strictly the same, so they are uniques. The time notion in the making allow the necessary reflexion concerning the repeated act of adding a new object to the world.

3- When ordering a piece, is the new piece strictly the same as the website photo?

I try the best I can to respect the dimensions and shapes which are on the website. However, the hand made process induces differences between each pieces. The wood species can fluctuate according to their disponibilities. The website pictures are not contract photos.

4- Where does come from the wood you are using?

The thines pieces (branches, sticks)  come from trees I meet when walking in forest.

The big ones are supplyed by a woodcutter.

5- What is the making wait for one piece?

According to my availibility, three to six months. The making of the piece starts at the payement of a 50% account.

6- Is it possible to get bespoke pieces or variations on models?

Yes, if it is realizable.

7- When and how are the pieces delivered?

The shipping is made by UPS at reception of the balance payement. The catalog prices do not include the delivery.